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BOTZ brush-on glazes 1020°–1060°C. BOTZ brush-on glazes are available in jars of 200 ml and 800 ml – ready to use. They are highly concentrated. 800 ml equal 1,4 to 1,8 kg mixed powder glaze. Stir the glaze thoroughly and apply the first coat on clean, dust-free biscuit ware with a brush (e.g. BOTZ 9005). Every glaze is finely tuned and has its individual consistency. Apply a second coat when the first is dry. Depending on the thickness you might want to apply a third coat. The glaze can soon be touched and you can then move your glazed piece of pottery to the kiln. For best results however, allow the glaze to dry for a day. The ideal firing temperature for nearly all BOTZ brush-on glazes is about 1050°C. If they are then soaked for 10–20 minutes the glazes become smoother and many effects come out more strongly.
NOTE: Use a sturdy brush for the application of BOTZ glazes – as we have done in all the samples. If you want to dip or cast a glaze, you can dilute it with approximately 25% water. For spraying only use non-speckled glazes.

IMPORTANT: Keep the firing-room well ventilated while firing is in process. The fumes from the kiln should go straight outside. We advise you not to use matt, strong metallic or craquelling glazes for tableware. They could harbour bacteria or influence the taste of the food or drink served in them. For all BOTZ glazes, the following applies:
they are all non-toxic, i.e., they are leadfree and do not contain any concentration level of hazardous substances whose indication is required in compliance with the Regulations on Hazardous Substances.

COLOURS: The colours of objects in this catalogue might sometimes differ slightly from the real life samples. This is due to the process of picture. The firing result may also be influenced by the atmosphere in the kiln, the consistency of the clay, the firing cycle and the method of application.

WARNING: Please take our advice: Don’t eat, drink or smoke while you’re working. Wash your hands after glazing. Children should only glaze under the supervision of adults. Glazes should be stored out of children’s reach.

BOTZ Stoneware glazes .... 1220-1280°C

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