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Your perfect project should begin with the perfect surface: Duncan® Oh Four® Bisque. Formulated from pure earthenware clay of the highest quality, Duncan® Oh Four® Bisque is meticulously cleaned, which means you can always depend on super smooth surfaces. And because we’re committed to high standards and performance excellence, all of our bisque is created with a consistent clay formula and a consistent slip-casting manufacturing process, which means no pressed ware and more stable results. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our bisque that we guarantee no shivering will occur. When you choose any piece from the Duncan® Oh Four® Bisque collection, you’ll get exceptional, consistent results when coupled with the complete line of Duncan® glazes and underglazes. Featuring on-trend and exclusive designs ranging from dinnerware to home décor to pieces especially for kids and tweens, Duncan® Oh Four® Bisque is created with you in mind. The only thing left to add … is your imagination!


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