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Ceraline wax crayons 1050-1150°C - White

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Product ID: CLB02A4

CERALINE Wax Crayons (diameter 10mm., lenght 150mm) are designed for earthenware temperatures firing from 1050 °C to 1150 °C but can be used at high temperature. The lines will fade out slightly in the adjoining glazes.
CERALINE Wax Crayons are to be used on fired clay, however the surface of the clay cannot be too smooth as the wax will not stick, just like common wax crayons on paper. Smooth clay first can be made rough with sandpaper.
Working temperature
CERALINE Wax Crayons should be stored and used below 30 °C, although it is possible to draw on fired clay, which is slightly warm (for instance with a hair-dryer). This will give you a fuller line and the opportunity to create more effects.

Firing under reducing atmosphere


All colours and oxides can be fired as well under oxidizing as under reducing atmosphere. Especially iron and copper oxide are more suitable for reduction firings and will give surprising results.



Colouring surfaces with CERALINE wax Crayons?

CERALINE Wax Crayons are not suitable for colouring surfaces. CERALINE is not a glaze in the shape of a crayon, it is a pigment liner. It is possible to shade with CERALINE, as long as there is enough space between the shading to allow the glaze to stick. If after glazing tick drops are formed upon the applied CERALINE lines, you can best spread them by using a soft brush.


Glaze over CERALINE lines


You can make a drawing with CERALINE and fire it without glaze. To get the CERALINE lines well attached it is necessary to fire a little bit longer and at higher temperature as recommended.




CERALINE drawing with glaze

You can make an ornamental drawing by CERALINE lines. If you fill in the surfaces with underglaze, then you always need to apply a transparent glaze over the entire object. This will help to fix the CERALINE line optimally. You can also apply a covering glaze over the CERALINE lines by brush. The CERALINE lines will not be rubbed out and the glaze will not cover the lines while firing. The colours of the CERALINE lines stay unchanged.


CERALINE and working with Vitreous slip engobe

If you work with dark clay or smooth surfaced bisque ware, then we recommend first to spray a vitreous slip engobe over the object. The CERALINE colours will stay nicer and fresher.




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