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Powdered castable white/pale cream stoneware body No.208 - 1kg

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Product ID: 300208

This light stoneware casting body is used for a temperature range from 1000°C – 1280°C. It concerns a quality with high dry bending strength that can be easily liquefied.
To the casting slips 1 kg has to be added additionally roughly 0,8g of the deflocculant DOLAFLUX B  ID: 400999 and 1,6g deflocculant GIESSFIX 162  ID: 406299. The exact proportion depends on the water-quality and needs to be found out by trials.

Casting slip preparation

100 % Dry powder
42 % Water
abt. 0.08 % deflocculantDOLAFLUX B  ID: 400999
abt. 0.16 %
deflocculantGIESSFIX 162  ID: 406299
Percentages are based on 100% dry powder body

1800 g Liter weight

Dry powder  1kg 5kg 100kg 500kg
Water  0,42 kg 2,1 kg 42 kg  190 kg
Deflocculant DOLAFLUX B  ID: 400999  0,8 g  4,0 g  80 g  400 g
Deflocculant GIESSFIX 162  ID: 406299  1,6 g  8,0 g  160 g  800 g


Technical information
Firing range: 1000-1280°C
Drying Shrinkage at 110°C: 4%
Firing shrinkage 1070°C: 3%
Firing shrinkage 1200°C: 4%
Water absorption 1070°C: 10%
Water absorption 1200°C: 3%
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (20-400°C): 71x10^-7ºC^-1
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (20-500°C): 74x10^-7ºC^-1
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (20-600°C): 90x10^-7ºC^-1

Chemical analysis :

SiO2     74.9%
Al2O3   19.5%
TiO2     1.5%
Fe2O3   0.9%
CaO       0.1%
MgO      0.3%
K2O      2.7%
Na2O     0.1%

The production is based on the regulations of DIN ISO 9001. The quality of product is permanently controlled in laboratories.

Recommendation for deflocculation

Fill the given amount of water into a suitable container. Carefully weigh the deflocculant and add to the water. Stir the whole until the deflocculant is in solution.

While stirring constantly, add the dry powdered body. Then stir the casting slip intensively for 30 minutes and then slowly for a while so that the neccessary reaction between the body, the water and the deflocculant can take place.

Adjusting the casting slip: to ensure that the body is ready for casting, measure it.

Firstly the litre weight. If the litre weight is more than the above mentioned value, then add more water. If the litre weight is less than the above mentioned value, then add more dry powder. (As slips don´t mix well with powder, you should try to avoid lower litre weights. A higher litre weight is easier to adjust with water.)

If the litre weight is correct then cast a test piece. If the cast wall is too thick then the casting body is not liquefied enough. To adjust this, simply add deflocculant in small quantities. Try 0.01% of every liquefier first, which is 0.1 g for every 1kg of powder. Then stir the casting body for 15 to 30 minutes and cast another test piece.

As the deflocculants are dependent on temperatures and the kind of water used, we must stress that the above mentioned adjustment of casting slips are merely hints and are without obligation.

Pay attention: Please, exactly weight the deflocculant.

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