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Gold glossy glaze 1020-1080°C 1kg.

Price: 11,31 €
Sales price: 11,31 €
Sales price without tax: 9,35 €
Tax amount: 1,96 €

Product ID: 304014

Gold glossy, leed-free opaque art glaze.
The recommended range of the firing temperatures 1020-1080°C. Sale in powder.

Color sample in the picture burned in temperature 1050°C.

Lead-free glaze according to DIN 51031, suitable for eating and drinking kitchenware, do not need to be marked according to danger-decree.
These glaze are not acid-resistant! We advise not to use these glaze for eating and drinking kitchenware.

More than 10kg - discount 5%
More than 25kg - discount 10%

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